Sunday, July 31, 2016

அகத்திக் கீரை | Sesbania grandliflora | अगस्ति

Two days at home, far away from PG, so instead of usual dosa/roti with dal that i make in PG, made agathi keerai pooris. How wonderful it would be if we had trains travelling at 400km per hour.

Guruji said sundaikayi is allowed in shaakvrat, so added that to moong dal. These are sundaikas that grow in village backyard and somehow not bitter.

Exception - Sundaikayi

Sesbania grandiflora
Agathi keerai poori, Sundaika dal with unspiced Moong kheer

Sundaika Dal Recipe
Boil moong dal and keep it separately
Add ghee in kadai and splutter jeera
Add sundaikayi and stir fry
Add salt, pepper powder, turmeric as per taste
Cover and cook under low flame for 5 minutes
Add cooked dal and mix well

Moong Kheer Recipe
Boil soaked moong dal in milk in low flame
Add jaggery and heated ghee

Tuesday Lunch
Appi payasa
Thinai saadam
Agastya roti
Moong dal vadai
Agastya paruppu usili
Sundaika Kootu
Maanga oorukai
More kolambu, Curd

Appi Payasa Recipe without spices
Roast a little rava in ghee
Make tiny wheat dough in milk and fry pooris in ghee
Boil the roasted rava in thickened milk
Crush the pooris in milk and add jaggery as per taste

Agastya Paruppu Usili
Soak Moong dal in water
Grind it coarsely and steam it till it is well cooked
Finely chop agastya leaves
Do tadka with mustards and jeera
Saute agastya leaves with pepper and salt
Once leaves are tender and well cooked, mix shredded moong dal

Maanga Oorukai
Sun dry finely chopped raw mango pieces
Saute them in ghee/oil with pepper and salt

Sundaika Kootu
Do tadka with mustards, jeera and curry leaves in ghee
Saute sundaika with pepper and salt
Add a little water to cook
Once sundaika is tender, add coconut cumin seeds paste and take off flame

More Kolambu
Do tadka with mustards, cumin seeds and curry leaves
Reduce the flame
Add thick yoghurt, coconut cumin seeds paste with pepper and salt 
and take off flame in less than a minute.

Thinnai (Foxtail millet)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sindhoora Mambalam - Koti Surya Sama Prabha

Mom is retiring this September and am going to miss mango tree in quarters very dearly. During mango season, every trip outside, would have mangoes half eaten by birds or squirrels. Even in December, the mango tree would give a raw mango for maanga thokku.

In the evenings, the mango tree branch would hold strong, as i would play in the swings.

Sindhoora! what golden red orange hue
Dawn or dusk sun can't next to you
Alphonsa, Malgova, Mallika
None like you Sindhoora

The most delicious sindhoora in the world
Mini mango spared by squirrels

Tree ripened fragrant sindhooras in all shapes that fell down

Moong mudakathaan ie indravalli dosa with coconut chutney

Moong and Mudakathan ie indravalli keerai
Moong modakathaan keerai with Sindhoora

Kollu ie horsegram and modakathaan ie indraalli 

Only horsegram and Modakathaan keerai idli ( no udid dal) with Pepper coconut chutney with Sindhoora
Since Sindhoora, drops on its own from the tree, the core is over ripened. Ambrosial sindhooras

Many weeks ago, wanted to make pista kesar kheer at akka's place.
Sambhar, Manathakali keerai, avaraka, Mango thokku with pista kesar kheer

Some other random day with mor kolambu, vaazhai poo vadai and vaazhai mor kootu

This was again at akka's home, mooli parantha with kesar pista kheer

Jowar ie sollam dosa with corriander chutney and paanagam

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Whitish meals

Guruji's posts made me change my whole food eating habits. Long ago, all of a sudden he said, don't eat tomatoes, and i was breaking my head why did he say that. Now it makes sense. So this is for my guruji, without red coloured ingredients, only whitish food. Suraika is also ruled out. Will cut that out in subsequent versions.
Vaazhai poo for mor kootu
Salem's malai nellika

Top: L-R Vaazhai poo more kootu, Vaazhai thandu more kootu, nellika thayir pacchadi, kosambari
Bottom:L-R Curd, rice, poosanika kootu, Jawarisi/Saabudaana pal payasam

Vaazhai poo and Vaazhai thandu more kootu

  • Remove stigma, finely chop plantain flowers, transfer to buttermilk, so that it doesn't darken
  • Boil in slow flowers in slow flame with salt as per need
  • Once soft and cooked, add coconut paste
  • Do tadka with mustard seeds, curry leaves
Nellika thayir pacchadi
  • Boil nellika, once soft mash it (mixie or wooden matthu kattai)
  • Add curd, coconut paste
  • Add fried mustard seeds and curry leaves
Cucumbar kosambari
They serve this way in Raghavendra swamy mutt, Karnataka homes. In Thanjavur side, it is typically cucumber curd salad. Finally decided to make kosambari instead of curd salad.
  • Finely chop cucumber
  • Add soaked yellow moong dal and scraped coconut
  • Add fried mustard seeds and curry leaves, add salt before serving
Poosanikai Kootu
  • Boil finely chopped poosanikai in little water till soft and tender
  • Add coconut cumin seed paste
  • Add fried mustard seeds and curry leaves
Jawarisi pal payasam
  • Soak sabudana/jawarisi and boil till soft in milk
  • Add jaggery, ellaichi to boiled sabudaana and cashew, almonds, raisins fried in ghee
Today mom did all the cooking. Wanted to make coconut pepper chutney, butter jeera rice, coconut rice, white pulao, khas-khas payasam, left it, since mom was cooking. Wondering what else white dish i can offer guruji.

Weekend in village

Tecoma stans/Yellow bells/ Yellow trumphet/ sonnapatti

Chevvarali/kaner/kaaraveer/Nerium oleander

Sheer labour behind the food on plate

Panyaram on sunday with pepper coconut chutney
Same panyaram on saturday with pepper coconut chutney
Two days flew by, same panyaram yet mind craved for more. Maag cauvery snana, village surroundings. Sheer bliss!!!

சுண்டைக்காய் | बृहती | Turkey Berry | Solanum torvum

Sundaika flowers in backyard right next to water tank
This always available whenever i visit akka
Sundaika is one of the satvik vegetables says my guruji. Have always been used to eating sundaika from cousin's place which are never bitter. These non bitter ones grow intertwined with lots of kovai leaves and siru kurinjaan leaves. Akka's sundaika leaf edges are relatively less sharper compared to bitter ones.

Medicinal benefits:

  • medplants explains its use world over with its many regional names.
  • traditionalindianmedicine talks about its use for strengthening bones.
  • Good for getting rid of stomach gas, stomach ulcers

Sundaika flowers in closeup, as if yellow palms are folded in prayer
Found this early morning on the way from cauvery river, leaves are unlike backyard sundaika
Roadside sundaika
Roadside sundaika in the morning
Backyard sundaika growing intertwined with so many other plants

These ones are not bitter, leaf edges are markedly different
Poosanikai which had climbed up gooseberry tree

BIL climbed up on ladder to get three

Poosanika which had climbed gooseberry tree

In villages, prices of green leaves is quarter that of towns. So bought green leaves from seller who came near home. Poosanika was from backyard.

Arisi pal payasam, keerai sambhar, poosanikai kootu, sundaika poriyal, puliotharai, curd
Sundaika Poriyal:
  • Splutter 1/4 tbsp mustards and curry leaves in oil/ghee
  • Add fresh green sundaika, add salt pepper as per taste and stir
  • Leave covered in slowest flame, it would be soft and cooked in 5 minutes
Poosanikai Kootu:
  • Boil poosanika pieces in adequate water and keep aside once soft and cooked
  • Splutter mustards, 4-5 pepper and curry leaves in ghee
  • Add boiled poosanika, cumin coconut paste, stir for a minute and take it off the flame
Keerai kootu:
  • Wash and cut green leaves
  • Boil cut leaves with soaked moong dal, a little turmeric, pepper salt in little quantity of water. 
  • Once cooked, take it off the flame and mash it well
  • Splutter mustards, curry leaves, cumin seeds,  in ghee
  • Add mashed green leaves dal paste

Akka made sundaika poriyal, amla poriyal, poosanika poriyal
Sundaika dal with agathi keerai chapathi with paal kollukattai