Monday, August 17, 2015

Madurai by Seshadri express

My compartment had babies, toddlers and kids of all ages. Reminded me of Kempty falls, where hundreds of kids were present in one place. The breast feeding mom travelling by herself, announced that she had to get down at Thirunelvezhi. Was wondering how come she is wearing black. Early morning, when she was apologizing sorry papa to the crying baby and alighting, it didn't register my sleepy mind.

Hawkers shouting alwa alwa made me wonder, what is this place before Madurai that sells halwa just like in Thirunelveli. Was lying in side upper and wondering why on earth a guy was watching so many snaps of women's hair and backside. When he realized am watching, he quickly switched on the goddess wall paper. I woke up around 6:23 am and decided to get down thinking anyway destination is sometime past 7 am and the whole compartment is empty, let me come down. The first station name i saw was Valliyur and the train stopped at a place between two hills and windmills. On the way i saw clouds sitting on the mountains. Was just gazing at the windmills and a young couple sitting on the platform with their baby.

At last around 7 am decided to ask the guy in the compartment as to when Madurai will come. He said, we had crossed it long before. Was surprised and quickly alighted and asked the uncle on the platform and i got the same answer. Realized busstop was the other side, so had to get down the other side, cross the track and climb up to platform.

There was a Nagercoil lady who said Nagercoil was hardly 15 minutes away in train and she described how different it was from Virudhunagar where she was born. She said who ever came from Virudhunagar to Aralvaimozhi caught wheezing and how people here took bath in rivers instead of closed bathrooms. She was visiting her mom leaving her husband alone because Aralvaimozhi acclimatized husband could not survive Virudhunagar's scorching heat. She kept on stating urangAdhe and asked the ladies next to me to tell me the stop. Got a ticket in Coimbatore express which was arriving in a while and reached brother's new place close to 2 pm instead of 3-4 am. In a way good, bro had to work even on independence day and am glad he did not have to get up so early. Bro's new place was a fine structure, new building and we could see Thiruparankundram hillock from his terrace. Mom came around 9 am on Sunday and we finally left my brother peacefully around 6:30 pm. Mom in one place, sister in another, brother in another and me in another. God only knows if we could ever spend a festival together.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Suppan kannaku

Verdant serenity even in April hot summer in SITHUNAVAYAL near HAPP, Trichy

A home that will evolve as a great healing temple

Shringara Vadivelan

Onum Onum irundu, Om eluthu irundu 1+1=2, letters in Om is 2
Rendum rendum nAngu, iniya vedangal nAngu 2+2=4, vedas=4
Mundrum mundrum Aru, murugan mugam Aru 3+3=6, murugan’s faces=6
nAlum nAlum ettu, suttrilum disaigal ettu 4+4=8, directions=8
aindhum aindhum pathu, suppan arul perum sothu 5+5=10, murugan’s grace is the greatest wealth

Home away from home is swAmy’s home, right in the middle of welcoming wilderness, a blazing budding forest. Swamy is constructing a Singara vadivelan temple, initially summoned to construct a temple for Senthil gurunAthan erected over the remains of a buried temple in a place where siddhars still live, near HAPP trichy. Swamy plans to build a bhogar style Murugan statue. This abhisheka teertha is what I want to savour having so many medicinal herbs’ essence. Swamy has a book on Muruganandham adikalar written by thiru Tamilanandham.

Swamy told about Muruganantham adikalar who was apparently EVR periyar’s friend, an atheist to start with. “Solayam…Saalaiyam pAraiyAm…,” he sang songs about educational institutions in Mandaiyur in 1947; Bharathidasan University, Anna University and now IIM trichy, made this prophesy true. Eldest son of an affluent family; due to divine play, developed leprosy and was quarantined in the forest outskirts. His mother fed him every day, while his wife watched. A passing siddhar assured the mother, as she lamented her son’s state. Upon her request, the siddhar went to see Muruganandham adikalar, who accepted siddhar’s thiruneer that day, despite being an atheist. Within days, one dramatic night, he came out of forest and in spite of leprosy eating his fingers, climbed temple’s steep walls and sat in deep mediation.

His mother was aghast the next day on finding her son missing while going to give him food. She searched the only two wells inside the village and didn’t find him there. She relaxed only after the pujari found him inside locked temples. Almost like Les Miserables scene of divine inspiration making man scale great heights amidst no ropes or no fingers to clasp the ropes. Muruganandham adikalar said, he just saw a green vine holding on to which he got inside the temple. And just to pacify onlookers who laughed at an atheist singing divine songs, he turn water into milk and performed many other miracles and spent his days singing praises of Lord Muruga.

This Singara vadivelan temple near HAPP is truly amazing with spinal cord affected folks walking again, apamrutyu jatak living full life, sick getting healed reviving as a medical miracle.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

अपमार्ग | நாயுருவி | Acyranthes aspera


Mom is standing in background locating karisalankanni, while i clicked.
Snap has not done justice to the dark pink prickly fruits, as if tiny insects are sitting in perfect symmetry

True nature of soul is bliss. Bliss exists at all levels, physical, ethereal, mental, discerning, absolute bliss.
Physical Level: C-sections are prevalent all over during delivery. Just imagine scarless painless delivery. My first yoga teacher told this would help in normal delivery when tied below knees of a pregnant woman during her labour period. It had to be immediately removed post delivery it seems.
Ethereal Level:

Mom said, as children, they would ask another kid to hold this and pull it out swiftly for fun. But this would cause such irritation and pain, that only village children can bear and forget and still play around together.

Medicinal Uses:
  • herb for digestion, burns fat, helps in downward peristalsis movement - ayurvedicdietsolutions 
  • enhances will power and controls the mind of user - Ashwini Kumar Sharma
  • breaks stones, used for urinary calculus, irritation in bladder and urethra - herbtime
  • helps in labour inducement during delivery, but should not be used before full term - 101herbs
  • 14 curing recipes with apamArg - astrogle

Mar 9th update
Hardly, 2 months passed, and the summer is already scorching, the greenery on the roadside has disappeared, its all turned yellow and dry. MAtham mumAri, when was that period ever??? 60s folks born in Chennai lament, how pleasant Chennai was then and how unbearably hot it is now. And tree plantations are now sponsored by real estate magnates from Australia and Belgium, selling Indian land to Indians as exorbitantly priced apartments, without any natural trees around. With India's population!!!

Apparently nayuruvi seeds when eaten will make hunger disappear for even 6 months. My teacher talks of a wood (i don't know what wood) that burn without smoke for 6 months. No wonder folks meditated with food/water for months together.

Nayuruvi, kuppaimeni, karuvepu ilai chutney

Kambu rava ghee roast, nayuruvi chutney, maanga moong dal sambhar, athi palam smoothie

Chutney Recipe:
  • Stir fry equal quantities of curry leaves, nayuruvi leaves and kuppai meni leaves in ghee. Took a fistful of each leaf
  • Add a little ground nut (optional) and sliced ginger with 1 big green chilli as per taste and fry along with leaves (liberal doses of ginger if morning) *
  • Let it cool
  • Add a quarter medium sized coconut, salt and grind till it reaches the consistency you like the best
  • Fry mustards, cumin seeds curry leaves in oil and add to this chutney
* Guiding principle is ginger in morning, dried ginger in afternoon and haritaki or kadukAi at night

VAta NArayan Kambu ghee roast
Pluck fresh vAta Narayan leaves and grind them to a smooth paste
this batter has kambu, rava, wheat flour with cumin seeds, pepper along with vAta nArayan paste

Mango Moong dal SAmbhar
One or two mangoes fall down every now and then, when mangoes are there, who needs tomatoes or tamarind for tangines. The fallen side is damaged, or birds or squirrels would have pecked it, we chop that off, and use the rest.
  • Add moong dAl, shredded mango, chilli-corriander-turmeric-salt and pressure cook
  • Heat ghee, splutter, mustards, cumin seeds, curry leaves with asafoetid and add pressure cooked dal
  • Garnish with finely chopped corriander leaves
PanchAng stated payovrat sometime last month, and ever since that i have been experimenting with milk shakes - with fresh rose leaves (results in violet milk shake), yummy Avaram poo milk shake and today it was athipalam smoothie, with jaggery and ellaichi.

Nilavembu | Andrographis paniculata | Bhu neem / KAlmegh | Kirayat


If we have bitterness competition between nilavembu and Adhuthoda, don't know which will win. Praying should never have to drink this decoction for brain fever, snake bites and the like. Just as mom was pointing to me, we were rather surprised to see a lady in scooty, carrying so much of nilavembu, the whole plant. My college days, Srirangam nAdi jyoshiyar's name was KAlamegham, a very stout dark, rohini, with bulging eyes. He was the final deciding authority on everything then, including can i reciprocate fellow classmate's love. If he said, no, then cut-cut once for all. Interesting to know that he has the name of such a bitter herb.

List of common names - wiki

Medicinal Uses:
  • to cure viral fever, dengue, brain fever - bimbima
  • appetizer, liver stimulant, vermicidal - herbalcureindia
  • for treating acidity, indigestion, wind, gastritis, peptic ulcers, colitis including ulcerative colitis, heartburn, and diarrhoea. It is best to combine it with aromatic spices like coriander, fennel, cardamom or black cumin to prevent aggravation of Vata from the bitter taste - positivehealth

Pournami avial

Starting 2006, a Dec 18, got me addicted to thiruvanamalai girivalam on pournamis, so much so that, i would dread onsite opportunities. My dear Baroda friend fasts the whole full moon day and visits temple travelling 3-4 hours one way. Now, most full moon nights, i lay awake on the PG terrace tracing the path of the moon on the sky along with stars. PanchAng said, sarvashAk nivedhan. Hence avial. Not all, at least some veggies.

My Hyderabad friend offers a minimum of 60 vegetables to shAkambari devi. Out of 100, after removing prohibited vegetables, at least 75 or so remain, he says. Interesting customs.

Shop quoted 20 Rs for one tiny mango, so mom didn't buy it. There were couple of mangoes hanging up on the terrace even in dhanur mAs. So asked mom to  pluck the smaller one.

Yellow pumpkin, mochai kottai, chow chow, mango, senai kilangu, vAzhai kAi; Payir, Kothavaranga, beans, carrot, avarakkai

Aviyal - Moon is the master of all herbs, everything unto him
Sunday hence - Wheat Milk jaggery ellaichi pudding, Aviyal soup, SAmbhar, Curd
Recipe for Wheat Pudding
Stir fry normal wheat flour (1-2 spoons for two people) in lots of ghee
Slowly add milk, stirring constantly, so that lumps are not formed
When wheat is cooked, add jaggery, ellaichi towards end and mix well
Add fried badam, cashew or raisins

Recipe for Avial
Chop your choice of vegetables
Boil them in turmeric, salt water
Grind a quarter coconut, 1 table spoon cumin seed to a smooth paste
Heat coconut oil in kadai, splutter mustard seeds and curry leaves
Add the boiled vegetables, mix well with coconut paste and take off the flame

With the water left after boiling vegetables, add lots of freshly ground pepper and drink as soup.

The joy of simple things - kept gazing at the roses and jyoti and finally clicked. Wonder what is there in mango leaves! After months after instruction, at last plucked one leaf for RAghavendra swAmy

Mom would sweep, while, i would wrap the kolam, just as milk cooker starts whistling
Wonder how that period would have been, when women actually drew rice flour kolams for ants and smaller creatures! Life has changed after guruji. Dhanur mAs is a refreshing month. Nothing can rejuvenate better than pre-dawn magic. No matter when you go to sleep, get up early, offer pongal to God before sunrise. Only early morning temple visits in PG; at home, cleaning, kolams, neivdhyam, everything before sunrise. His path is difficult, am just trying with all my lacunae. Trust some day, am there. Amazing! this whole movement of sun and sky above! There is freedom in absolute surrender and obedience. When colleagues, question, how many rules, i now i realize, it is just being in tune. Wasting a full moon ardra, so back to work.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Pulicha Keerai | Pitwa | Gongura | Hibiscus sabdariffa | Sorrel/Roselle leaves

Pulicha keerai thokku
Medicinal benefits
storehouse of iron and calcium; cools the body; cleanses blood; helps to cure constipation - ayurvedichomeremedies
anti-hyperammonemic and antioxidant - nlm
Used against cough, dyspepsia, fever, hypertension, high cholesterol and for stimulating intestinal peristalsis - tropilab
for good skin - alwaysayurveda 

Reached home by Mayiladuthurai express well past 5 am on Christmas and neivedhyam of pongal had to be offered to God before sunrise. Quickly drew kolam, got ready, and offered pongal well past sunrise. Knew thursday was going to be packed, so tried hard to keep my eyes closed in the train most of the night.

Chithi-Chithappa went to Srirangam for special darshan with police escort, entering beyond the ropes near SriRanganAthar, finished darshan in 30 minutes and brought back a big garland of thiruthulAi.

From morning, it was virundhombal for chithi, chithappa. In spite of pleas, they went to temple without lunch and they came only past 2 pm, shopping for their grandkids, nephews, sister.

Dessert and Starter: Semiya jawarisi pAl pAyasam
Vegetable rice
Ghee dAl rice
Side dish: Okra poriyal, Channa sundal, KothavarangAi paruppu usili, Kuppaimeni keerai kootu, VAzhai thandu more kootu, vAzhaipoo vadai, appalam
For mixing: Sorakka sAmbhAr, lemon rasam, curd

Could not make chithi's favourite pulicha keerai and chithappa's favourite sunda vathal kozhambu.

With left over dough after pooris in the morning, it was ajwain roti with paneer mutter sabji for me, idlis with coconut chutney for the elders and empty stomach for mom and periyamma. Chithappa asked, if there was Blue Cross nearby, for a tiny puppy lay breathing its last. After we bid relatives goodbye at night, thinking how to arrange a feeding bottle for the puppy, realized it was already dead. On Wednesday night, a lively brown puppy, almost a twin of this dead puppy, kept so many toddlers in Carmelaram railway station amused with its cute antics and on Thursday, a similar one lay dead so close to home on the roadside. Just so much is life.

Just four people and from morning, four different drinks, coffee for mom, tea for periyamma, boost for my tiny nephew and jaggery milk with ellaichi for me. Made rasagullas and palkova since milk split the first time.
Used to fret earlier when milk got split on Fridays, now its delicious Rasagullas
Yummy Palkova after chenna was taken
Made some random dosa with kalyAna murungai leaves, drumstick leaves mixed in wheat flour batter that mom had kept for a while and normal dosa batter with ridge gourd thugayal and ground chutney.
Drumstick leaves, kalyAna murungai wheat, rice batter dosa

Could not have vadais properly yesterday with guests in batches, so made them again, so that i could savour some.

Chithi wanted pulicha keerai. But could not make it yesterday. So today, it was yummy pulicha keerai. I followed this recipe minus garlic cloves and ground nuts. It was absolutely tasty with roast and ground fenugreek, channa dal, corriander seeds and black gram dal and was so glad on how tasty each dish turned out today. Periyamma did the chopping.

Starter Rasagullas
Side dish: Sorakka moong dal kootu, payir poriyal, peerkangAi thugayal, gongura thokku, appalam, vAzhai poo vadai
Mixing: Sorakka sAmbhAr, milagu thippli rasam, Curd

Didn't know whether to be angry or glad with my 5 year old nephew. Spent 45 minutes searching for my data card after he leflt. Yesterday, i remarked, he is now 5 years old, he was born when guru was in meena and now guru is in kataka/simha retro back to kataka in a while. My brother remarked, he remembered that my nephew was 5 years old, because, he was two years old during my sisters wedding and now it has been 3 years after wedding. My tata photonplus with its blinking blue lights is his favourite. Within no time, the dongle is pulled out of system.

Ajwain mooli parantha, gongura chutney, paneer mutter, payir with rasa gullas
Wanted to take rest on sunday, but as mom started plucking plantain flowers stigma, in addition to manathakAli keerai, in addition to sorakka and knool kol. Decided post 11 am, that marginal efforts for serving guests is insignificant compared to cooking multiple items only for mom. So invited 60+ old swAmy and swAmy amma. Spent nearly 3.5 hours, and i was still making vAzhai poo vadai when they were in and puran poli was still on tava. They left around 5 pm. Exhausted, sleepy and to top it all, could not eat anything beyond poli, wheat jaggery scoops, saltless curd rice, sweet pongal; for sundays are no salt days for me.
Plantain flowers | VAzhai poo, which set the ball rolling

Starters and desserts:
Moong dal pAyasam laced in ghee with coconut and milk and ground ellaichi
Puran poli with moong dal, coconut, jaggery filling
Sweet pongal
Scoops of Wheat fried in ghee with jaggery

Kootu Poriyal:
VAzhai poo black gram vadai
Cauliflower masala fry
Sorakka Moong dal kootu
Kothavaranga paruppu usili
Podalanga channa dal poriyal
ManathakkAli Keerai kootu
Carrot slices
Pulicha keerai thokku
Fresh Mango pickle (not in snap, kept for curd)

Nool kol sambhar
Karamani kAra puli kozhambu  (not in snap)
Pepper long pepper rasam (not in snap)
Fresh creamy Curd (not in snap)

Served in a hurry, for didn't want to keep the guests waiting. However made mom wait for a moment,  to click. Mom got the not so good looking ubattu and guests got the neat ones.

Puran poli | Ubattu with moong dal in wheat base
There goes christmas holidays, tied to kitchen!!! All three nights paneer mutter masala with mooli or methi or plain ajwain paranthas. Emptied 900 gms of ghee in 4 days. 15 days feasting, 15 days fasting. Two sets of dress for waxing and waning phase of moon. Back to pigeonholed matchbox in Bangalore tonight.

VAzhai poo vadai recipe
  • Soak half a cup black gram for 45 minutes
  • Remove the stigma of plantain flowers (medium sized) and chop towards the end
  • Grind blackgram to coarse thick paste, adding curry leaves, pepper
  • Mix chopped plantain flowers
  • Make balls with the above mix, flatten, put a hole and fry in oil
 Pulicha Keerai Thokku Recipe:
  • Roast 1 tbsp fenugreek seeds, corriander seeds, channa dal each separately, till their aromas come in the slowest flame, chilli one or two as per taste
  • Let the spices cool then, Powder the above smoothly or in rava consistency
  • Heat gingely/sesame oil in kadAi, and stir the leaves for less than a minute, till it becomes gluey
  • Let the leaves come to room temperature, then mash rock salt, the ground powder with leaves using a mathu kattai, else, grind it in mixie
Kuppaimeni keerai kootu/ManathakkAli Keerai kootu
  • Finely chop the leaves and tender stems and add tiny fruits of manathakkAli keerai. For any keerai, mom says, if the stem gets snapped effortlessly, then use the stem as well, else discard it
  • Pressure cook moong dal (i always prefer yellow moong dal for all kootu, add some even to sAmbhAr along with thuvar dAl)
  • Use ghee to remove the bitterness of manathakkAli, else oil, let the mustards, curry leaves splutter, 
  • Add a pinch of asafoetida
  • Then stir fry the chopped keerai leaves for a minute or so, till the volume reduces
  • Now add moong dAl water, salt, turmeric, corriander chilli powder as per taste
  • Cover and let it cook in slow flame for 5-10 minutes
  • Add moong dal, take it off flame, add coconut and cumin seeds paste, and mix well
It is the same recipe for sorakka or any other gourds, instead of keerai above.

VAzhai thandu more kootu
  • Chop plantain pith into thin slices and then make tiny cubes and put in immediately into curd to prevent it from turning dark
  • Have yellow moong dal pressure cooked
  • For tadka use coconut oil, splutter mustards and curry leaves
  • Add cut plaintain pith along with curd and let it cook in slow flame with moong water
  • After 5-10 minutes when cooked or when the pith gets crushed between fingers easily, add moong dal and take off flame
  • Add coconut with cumin seed paste, and mix well ( i prefer cumin seeds raw, chithappa likes cumin seed roasted)
VAzhai poo black gram vadai/ or even with kadalai paruppu (channa dal)
  • Soak pulses either plain black gram or plain channa or a mix of the two 
  • Grind it coarsely
  • Remove the stigma of plantain flowers, chop it and add it to the dal paste above
  • Add half crushed pepper, salt, chopped curry leaves and mix everything well
  • Heat oil in kadai, roll the vadai mix into a sphere, flatten them, put a hole in the middle and fry it in oil
Mom has tennis elbow, so we don't grind idli batter, for our grinder is 20 years old heavy weight one. We randomly mix wheat-rice flour, rava, kambu, sollam in varying proportions, add hot water or curd to make varieties of instant dosas. To this mix we can add fresh leaves paste of mudakathAn keerai, kalyAna murungai paste, kuppaimeni, vAta nArayanan or just plain curry leaves paste and make usual dosas laced in ghee

Peerkangai thugayal
  • Roast channa dal and let it cool
  • Chop ridge gourd and fry it in ghee, along with liberal dose of ginger slices with a green chilli as per taste
  • Once everything is cool grind the roasted channa first, then add coconut, curry leaves, ridge gourd and grind coarsely, not too smooth
Ajwain Mooli parAntha:
  • for any poori or chapathi, i add liberal doses of omam ajwain (my kapha bro hates ajwain, while vAta me loves ajwain). Ever since guruji told ajwain with salt is nectar, at times, i chew ajwain rawly and gulp in water.
  • Shred raddish, squeeze the radish juice to the last drop and add it to wheat flour to make dough
  • Stir fry the absolutely dry shredded raddish in oil with ajwain, with turmeric and salt
  • Flatten to make roti, take a spoon full of half cooked raddish dry mix to the center and cover with dough
  • Now reflatten the stuffed dough and fry it like normal chappathi
Milagu Thippli Rasam
  • Grind fenugreek, pepper, long pepper, cumin seeds, curry leaves to coarse powder
  • Heat oil in kadai, add these ground spices with asafotida and stir for a minute in slow flame
  • Have some dAl water or plain water with turmeric, corriander seeds, salt ready
  • Add this water to rasam and take it off flames once froth forms at the edges
  • Once warm, squeeze in half a lemon to this rasam, garnish with fresh corriander leaves
March 9th update
Mom had a patch of pulicha keerai which were still 1 feet baby plants when she plucked. Mother's logic was that it won't grow further because of quarters soil (actual reason i feel, is because today is my last day at home).

Today being monday, wanted to make arisi pAl pAyasam, but when i got up to check, after keeping in milk in slow flames to thicken, it became even more tastier kova. This milk is native yellow-red cow's fresh milk. For 4 days, no more packet A1 hybrid milk, but just these 4 days. In PG, we get milk-flavoured white water, that too, if we are lucky, for it gets over by 8 am.
Fresh pulicha keerai from our backyard

Last two gulab jAmuns left (am glad that guests came and helped maintain mom's sugar levels)
Milk kova with jaggery and ellaichi (leave milk in slowest flame with liberal dose of ghee)

Avaraka Mango sAmbhar (broad beans was from our backyard)
nAyurvi chutney (recipe)
Pulicha Keerai thokku
Milagu thippli rasam
Fresh curd

Side dish:
Karunai kilangu
Arisi vathal

Karunai Kilangu recipe:
Pulicha keerai demands karunai kilangu, or raw plantain vAzhaikAi roast, or some root roast

  • Pressure cook karunai kilangu with salt, remove skin and chop into thick slices
  • Heat ghee in thick kadAi
  • Add mustard seeds, curry leaves
  • Keep the slowest and smallest flame
  • Add the chopped karunai kilangu, add salt, turmeric, corriander chilli powder, stir well 
  • Keep it covered for 5 minutes while it gets roasted, stir occasionally
AvarkAi Mango sAmbhar:
  • Pressure cook thur dal and a little moong dal
  • Heat ghee/oil in kadAi, add mustard seeds, curry leaves and asafoetida 2 pinches
  • Add chopped vegetable, shredded mango along with mango seed, saute for a minute
  • Add salt, corriander-turmeric-chilli powder, mix well
  • Add water and cook with covered lid
  • Once vegetables are cooked, add cooked mashed dAl, take it off flame and add fresh corriander leaves

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Adukku malli on PG terrace

Agreed, with my moodiness, its mostly a case of mind willing, but not moving an inch physically. Only on Thursdays and special yoga days, i wake up early in the morning, rest of the days, i sleep without an alarm. It would be hot close to 10 am, when i would water the pots after bathing. And everyone says roots will suffer when watered in noon sun.

In fact, the first time, when i went for long holidays, April 18 uthiram roomie had forgotten to water the plants and was aghast to see pale yellow dried leaves and dried yellow stem when i came back. Thankfully, another moola roommate who had a garden at home, gave me hope on watering it, in spite of everything being yellow and dry. This was months earlier.
Yesterday was chandrashtama for me on ekadashi. When i climbed up to water the plants close to 9 am, was jumping with glee inside, for the flowers had bloomed. Typically one two would bloom, first time 8 had bloomed together and i was so so so very happy.

The fragrance of adukumalli can't  be explained in words. Overwhelming it is.

Fence is greener on the other side. While i long to go to kollimalai stay on hill top, next to scenic Jog falls, next to ocean, folks there want to come to metros and earn quick bucks. In crowded new bangalore, such pots of greenery on terrace top are the only solace. How fulfilling it would be the farmer to see his lush green paddy field. terrace farming in kolli hills is breathtaking. Only after planting few saplings, realized, what a back breaking work it is, but nothing can beat the sweet rewards of lush greenery.