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Peerkanga Poriyal

Source: Agrifarming


  • Luffa acutangula | பீர்க்கங்காய் | तुरई | Ridge gourd
  • Asafoetida
  • Ghee
  • Water of washed rice
  • Paste of black pepper
  • Nutmeg powder
  • Coriander powder
  • Fenugreek powder
  • Cumin powder

Preparation of Peerkanga Poriyal

  • Clean peerkangai and cut into pieces
  • Cook it properly
  • Fry cooked peerkangai with asafoetida and keep it separately
  • Essentially follow this.

Benefits and Properties

  • It is palatable, alleviates kapha and pitta disorders
  • It is light in potency, cures skin and urinary diseases
  • It removes worms, cures asthma and anorexia (loss of appetite)

Verse from Pākdarpaṇa of Nala by Dr. Madhulika P. 65
कोशातकीफलस्यैवं सुजातस्य नवस्य च । कृत्वा पाकादिकं तस्य दापयेद्भक्षयेद्बुधः ॥ ४३० ॥
कोशातकीफलं रुच्यं कफ - पित्त हरं लघु । कुष्ठ - मेह - क्रिमिश्वास - कासारुचि विनाशनम् ॥ ४३१ ॥

Tender Peerkangai benefits
मधुरं गुरुपित्तघ्नं बालकोशातकीफलम् । श्लेष्मपित्तहरं दिव्यं विषमज्वरनाशनम् ॥ ४३२ ॥

The tender peerkangai is tender in taste, heavy in potency, alleviates pitta, sleshma (phlegm) and helps in subsiding malarial fever

Ripe Peerkangai Gunas (properties)
कोशातकीफलं पक्व लालासृक् क्रिमिनाशनम् । वृष्यं विषघनं मधुरं महाकोशातकीफलम् ॥ ४३३ ॥
The ripe peerkangai alleviates excessive salivation. It cures blood disorders and it is antihelmenthic (removes worms). It promotes sexual vigour, it is antitoxic and it is sweet in taste

A reason, why pujAris won't ever accept peerkangai when offered.

Kambupudalai poriyal

Got wondering what is the difference between kundru (kovaika) and parwal (kambupudalai). Kambupudalai has ladys fingers like seeds, slightly bigger, elliptical, stouter than kovaika.
Before reading this book, had never bought nutmeg all these years.


Nutmeg should be powdered


  • Kambupudalai | Trichosanthes dioica | पटोल | परवल 
  • Asafoetida
  • Ghee
  • Water of washed rice
  • Paste of black pepper
  • Nutmeg powder
  • Coriander powder
  • Fenugreek powder
  • Cumin powder

Preparation of Pudalai poriyal

  • Clean kambupudalai and cut into pieces
  • Half boil kambupudalai in water
  • Once cooked fry it with ghee and asafoetida and keep it separately
  • Add paste of black pepper to water left after washing rice
  • After sometime filter this water
  • Keep this water in a vessel on fire
  • Add nutmeg powder, corriander, fenugreek, cumin powder
  • When this is properly cooked, remove from fire
  • During serving, add fried kambupudalai in the above processed water and mix properly
  • It should be made fragrant with aromatic substances tied with thread 

Benefits and Properties

  • It is hot in potency and sweet post digestion (vipaka)
  • Alleviates tridosha

Verse from Pākdarpaṇa of Nala by Dr. Madhulika P. 66
पटोलस्य फलं सम्यगाहरेत् सूदकोविदः । सम्भारदीन् विनिक्षिप्य तत्पचेत्पूर्ववत्पुनः ॥ ४३४ ॥
पासयित्वा पुनस्तच्च वेष्टयित्वा प्रदापयेत् । उष्णवीर्यकरं स्वादु त्रिदोषघ्नं विपाकतः ॥ ४३५ ॥

Kovaika poriyal


Mom's sugar control: Siru kurinja leaves, pavaka, kovakka, knolkhol

Sedative Gasegase payasam without rice, Yummy mochakottai puli kolambu, velrika thayir pacchadi, Kovaika poriyal, maanga thokku, murukku

Kovaika with Vaazhai poo vadai

Gulkand, Vendika puli kolambu, Vaazhaipoo vadai, paapad, Chow chow poriyal, kovaika kootu
Mom prefers her sabji without coconut, dal no oil and it is opposite with me, i would fry in ghee.

Here is my first post on ivy gourd leaves. The first time, i had dinner in guruji's home, they served the most ambrosial kovaika poriyal as part of full banana leaf meals cooked on wood and served by dvijas. After chathurmas, forgot dinner concept, was not at all hungry, but this was dinner at guruji's home, so went up at 10 pm. At the sight of excellent food, served one by one so beautifully on banana leaf, ate to hearts content. So tasty it was.

Weekend trips to Trichy Gandhi market invariably would end up with kovaika, pavaka in the kattai pai, for mom's diabetes. And the hawkers would not sell anything less than a kg. I would buy vegetables from them using signs, without a word in silence. And every time, i would learn after buying, had i bought vegetables from another guy, i could have got perhaps ladys finger for Rs 5 a kg instead of Rs 10 a kg; while waiting for bus, as buyers would discuss prices. Am glad, a break from weekend traveling, no more pre-dawn, market trips right after train journey.

Kovaika reminds me of revati  nakshatra Aug 29 roomie, who said this causes mandha buddhi.

  • கோவைக்காய் | कुन्द्रू | Ivy Gourd | Coccinia grandis | बिम्बफल
  • Ghee
  • Asafoetida
  • Spices
  • Fragrant substances like camphor
Preparation of Kovaika poriyal
  • Take the tender fruit of kovaika and peel out from all sides with knife
  • Cook in water
  • When properly cooked, it should be fried with ghee, asafoetida
  • Finally, it should be made fragrant with substances like camphor
Benefits and Properties
  • It provocates sexual vigour, beneficial to eyes
  • Alleviates vAta and pitta
  • It helps to reduce painful discharge of urine
  • It is wholesome, spermatogenic
  • Helps to subside jaundice, blood disorders, tuberculosis, asthma, poly dyspepsia (indigestion) and cough

Verse from Pākdarpaṇa of Nala by Dr. Madhulika P. 66

प्रयत्नेन समादाय बिम्बस्य तरुणं फलम् । शलाकया पुनः सम्यक् छिन्द्यातच्च समन्ततः ॥ ४३६ ॥
निधायप्रवणीभाण्डे सिञ्चेत्तत्र जलं बुधः । पक्त्वा तच्च पुनः सम्यक् सर्पिषा च पुनः पचेत् ॥ ४३७ ॥
धूपयेद्धिङ्गुना तच्च वासयेत्कर्पूरादिभिः । वेष्टयित्वाथ नेत्रेण दापयेद्भोजनार्थिने ॥ ४३८ ॥
इदं बिम्बफलं वृष्यं चक्षुष्यं वातपित्तजित् । हितं कृच्छ्रहरं पथ्यं शुक्रदं कामलादिजित् ॥ ४३९ ॥
पित्तरक्तक्षयश्वासतृष्णाकासनिवारणम् ॥ ४४० ॥

பூனைக்காலி kootu | bigger variety of Velvet beans


Cats tail came to mind. Normal avarai flowers are so beautiful, pinkish, lavenderish. Now this looks very exotic, seeds are cattish.




  • Fresh fruit of பூனைக்காலி | Kevanch| Mucuna Pruriens | किवांच | Velvet beans
  • Ghee
  • Asafoetida
  • Fragrant substances like camphor
  • Spices

Preparation of PoonaikAli Kootu

  • The fresh seeds of velvet beans should be cooked in water
  • When it is properly cooked, it should be fried with ghee and asafoetida
  • Lastly it should be made fragrant with substances like camphor


  • It is alleviator of kapha and pitta
  • It is sweet in taste, palatable, unctuous, extremely relishing
  • Promotes sudation i.e. sweating
  • It is heavy
  • It provocates sexual vigour
  • It is an excellent cure for dyspepsia (indigestion)

Verse from Nala's Pākdarpaṇa by Dr. Madhulikha
पूर्ववद् विपचेद्विद्वान् कोकान्दोलफलं नवम् । श्लेष्मपित्तहरं स्वादु स्निग्धं रुचिकरं परम् ॥
स्वेदनं गुरु वृष्यं च वहिन्मान्करं परम् ॥ ४४१ ॥

The previous recipe was kovakai kootu, which is given above
Caution: See ayurvedaherbs to get rid of itchiness

Friday, December 2, 2016

Preparation of Tarbooz Kootu



  • Watermelon
  • Black pepper powdered
  • Spices
  • Ghee
  • Asafoetida
  • Camphor
  • Pugapatta (cloth smeared with herbal paste)

Preparation of Tarbooz Kootu

  • The fresh and pleasant water melon should be taken
  • After washing, it should be cut and cooked with water.
  • Powdered black pepper should be added to it.
  • When it is properly cooked with spices, it should be fried with ghee and asafoetida
  • Lastly it should be made fragrant with substances like camphor, tied in pugapatta
This preparation is cardiotonic, alleviates kapha disorders.
It is appetizing, stringent and delectable.

Verse from Pākdarpaṇa of Nala by Dr. Madhulika P. 67

फलान्यादाय रम्याणि कलिङ्गस्य नवान्यथः । शोधनं छेदनं पाकं पूर्ववद्विपचेद्बुधः ॥ ४४२ ॥
योगं च मरिचादीनां कुर्यात्तेषां ततः पुनः। पाकं कृत्वा घृतेनैव भर्ज्येद्रामठेन च ॥ ४४३ ॥
वासयेद्घनसारेण  बद्ध्वा नेत्रेण दापयेत् । कलिङ्गस्य फलं छेद्यं सर्पिषा तच्च भर्जयेत् ॥ ४४४ ॥
वासयित्वा ततस्तच्च वेष्टयित्वा प्रदापयेत् । हृद्यं कफजदोषघ्नं दीपनं ग्राहिरोचनम् ॥ ४४५ ॥

Learning Sanskrit

फलान्यादाय रम्याणि कलिङ्गस्य नवान्यथः (फलान् आदाय रम्याणि कलिङ्गस्य नव अन्यथः)
         फलान् (द्वि. बहु.) Fruits
         आदाय mfn. At the end of compound, taking seizing
           ind.p. having taken, with along with
           adj. seizing, taking, proving st.
           indecl. With, along with
         रम्याणि adj. beautiful, good looking
         कलिङ्गस्य 6v of water melon be continuded

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Pungai Ilai mullaikeerai Kootu

Prickly Amaranth: Source
Source Prickly Amaranth

  • Soft young leaves of Pongamia glabra | कुबेराक्षि/ करञ्ज​ | புங்கை 
  • Guduci/seendhil kodi powder
  • முள்ளுக்கீரை | Prickly Amaranth powder or sugar
  • Pugapatta
  • Spices (turmeric, chilli, jeera)
Preparation of Pungai ilai Mullaikeerai Kootu:
  • The soft and young leaves of करञ्ज​ or புங்கை should be taken for this preparation
  • It's bitter taste should be removed through the powder of guduci
  • Bitterness can also be removed by mullaikeerai powder or sugar
  • It should be mixed with spices
  • When cooked, it should be tied with pugapatta and served for meals
  • This preparation is anthelmintic (destroys worms), appetizer, wholesome
  • It alleviates anaemia (पाण्डु) and  tuberculosis यक्ष्म yakshma
  • It alleviates collic and vAtic disorders
collic: severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines

समादाय कुबेराक्ष्या: पर्णं सुतरुणं नवम् । तत्तिक्तमोचनं कुर्यात् कुण्डलीचूर्णयोगतः ॥४४६ ॥
अथवा तण्डुलीयोत्थैः खण्डैर्वा तद्विमोचनम् । अनेनैव प्रकारेण गते तिक्ते भवेन्मम् ॥ ४४७ ॥
सम्भार्दीन् पुनस्तत्र पूर्ववत् परियोजयेत् । बद्ध्वा तत्पूगपट्टेन वेष्टयित्वा प्रदापयेत् ॥ ४४८ ॥
क्रिमिहृद्दीपनं पथ्यं गुल्मशूलानिलापहम् ॥ ४४९ ॥
P. 68 of Pākdarpaṇa of Nala by Dr. Madhulika

Reading about Nala maharaja's pungai mulla keerai recipe made me very happy, for these are commonly available, except for the elusive pugapatta. Heard of kerala ayurvastra. Fact is, in the name of ayurveda-organic, things get prohibitively expensive.

When king Rituparna asks Nala maharaja, why pugapatta is preferred over gold vessels studded with gemstones for cooking, Nala maharaja states that it kills germs, wards of pollution, has a sweet taste, makes food digestible.

Was in railway station, waiting for train and could not help smiling ear to ear reading juice preparations. Gold vessels studded with gemstones for preparing juices!!! What life, kings and people in those era have led!!! Now, folks are eating in plastic, paper, standing, running, walking, jogging. Recycled. Such huge refrigerators all hotels have, that 4 people can sleep inside. Funny life. Am still wondering, how an astrologer predicted that a king would eat previous day gruel on such a such date. 2H needs lots of exploration.

Learning Sanskrit 

समादाय कुबेराक्ष्या: पर्णं सुतरुणं नवम्
          समादाय (सम + आदाय)
          आदाय mfn. At the end of compound, taking seizing
          ind.p. having taken, with along with
          adj. seizing, taking, proving st.
          indecl. With, along with

तत्तिक्तमोचनं कुर्यात् कुण्डलीचूर्णयोगतः
तत्तिक्तमोचनं (तत् तिक्त मोचनं) its bitterness removed
          कुर्यात् (वि.लि. प्र.ए) i.e. Third person singular) could do
          कुण्डली चूर्ण Guduci (Tinospora cordifolia | சீந்தில் கொடி |  powder
          योगतः ind. Conjointly, suitably, properly, conformable to, in accordance with, by means of e.g.            तपोबलयोगतः

अथवा तण्डुलीयोत्थैः खण्डैर्वा तद्विमोचनम् ।
          अथवा indecl. Or
          तण्डुलीयोत्थैः  (तण्डुली अय उत्थैः)
          तण्डुली ?? f. Gourd तण्डुलीय causative due to Gourd; तण्डुल rice
          उत्थैः generated by (3v) उत्थ adj. rising, coming forth,  originating,derived from arising.
          खण्डैर्वा (खण्डैः वा) or by cutting (खण्ड verb cut खण्डै 3v by cutting
          तद्विमोचनम् (तत् विमोचनम्) that(bitterness) is removed

अनेनैव प्रकारेण गते तिक्ते भवेन्मम् (अनेन इव प्रकारेण गते तिक्ते भवेत् इमम्)
          अनेन- indecl. By this; adj. without stags, faultless, sinless;
          भवेत् (विधिलिङ्ग प्र. एक) could be
          इमम् this, these

सम्भार्दीन् पुनस्तत्र पूर्ववत् परियोजयेत् (सम्भार् आदीन् पुनः तत्र पूर्ववत् परि योजयेत् )
          सम्भार् m. requisite, preparation, collection of things required for any purpose
          आदीन् adj. eating, devouring
          - वत् suffix full of
          योजयेत् (वि. लि. प्र. ए.) could be fixed

बद्ध्वा तत्पूगपट्टेन वेष्टयित्वा प्रदापयेत्  (बद्ध्वा तत् पूगपट्टेन  वेष्ट प्रदापय)
          बद्ध्वा gerund. Having bound
          Gerund (verb acting as noun) e.g. Do you mind my asking you?
          वेष्ट m. enclosing, resin, noose, band, enclosure
          वेष्टयित्वा having enclosed
          प्रदापयेत् caus. (वि. लि. प्र. ए.) could be put/placed, could be applied

क्रिमिहृद्दीपनं पथ्यं गुल्मशूलानिलापहम् ॥ ४४९ ॥ (क्रिमि हृत् दीपनं शूल अनिल अपहम् )
Removes germs, promotes digestion, salubrious, vAtic disorder

          अपह adj. destroying, removing, repelling
          हृत् adj. bringing, seizing, carrying away
          अनिल m. paralysis, rheumatism, vAtic disorder
          गुल्म m. chronic glandular enlargement of spleen, abdomen
          शूल m. collic, sharp acute pain due to gas

p.s. Am learning, so please feel free to correct my mistakes. Objective is to learn and what is written should be easy to understand, for everyone's benefit.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Saaranai Keerai PAvaka ilai kootu

Source Punarnava | Saaranai | Mukurattai Kodi
In Ordnance Estate, vegetable sellers don't sell curry leaves because curry leaves grows wildly all around. But in our backyard, when we pluck curry leaves, we have to be careful, for there are curry leaf look alikes. Exactly same like curry leaves, minus the fragrance of curry leaves. Mom calls it karvepuillai sakalathi. Puritans would harp around saaranai and mukurattai keerai. For me mom is the authority.

Bittergourd leaves

  • Saaranai Keerai | पुनर्नव​ | Boerhavia diffusa 
  • Paavaka leaves | Bitter gourd leaves | कारवल्ली
  • Sukku | Dried ginger
  • Ghee
  • Camphor and aromatic spices
  • Pugapatta
Preparation of Saaranai keerai paavaka illai kootu
  • The cook should collect the fresh leaves of saaranai keerai 
  • Its bitter taste should be removed with the leaves of bittergourd and sukku podi
  • It should be mixed with salt and spices in appropriate quantity and fried in ghee
  • It should be made fragrant with camphor etc and tied with pugapatta before serving for meals
  • This preparation is appetizer, digestive, wholesome
  • It dispels anaemia and phthisis (wasting disease)

नवं पौनर्नवापत्रमाहरेत्तत्र पाकवित् । कारवल्लीदलैः शुण्ठ्या तत्तिक्तं च हरेत्परम् ॥ ४५० ॥
योगेनानेन तत्तिक्तं त्यक्त्वा तच्च ततः पचेत् । लवणादीन् यथायोग्यं कुर्यादाज्येन भर्जयेत् ॥ ४५१ ॥
वासयेद्वेष्टनात्पूर्वं यथापूर्वं च बुद्धिमान् । दीपनं पाचनं पथ्यं पाण्डुक्षयहरम्परम् ॥ ४५२॥
P.69 of Pākdarpaṇa of Nala by Dr. Madhulika